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About Us

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Greg Murray Entertainment is a creation of Greg Murray, who started playing music as a Trumpeter in school at the age of 9 years old. Greg played Trumpet in and out of the United States Navy for 6 years. While in the Navy, Greg worked on the base night club as a DJ, while still playing Trumpet.

He started providing DJ Services at Private Events such as Weddings, Dances, Parties and other Special Events. After leaving the Navy, Greg started working on the Radio at the market's Number One Rated Radio Station in Portland, Maine. Later named "Maine's Best DJ" 2 years in a row. Greg was promoted to Program Director at WGAN-FM, the station won Best Radio Station in the ratings. Greg became a very attractive Radio Talent to other competing Radio Stations in Maine, all while still providing DJ Services, Dancing and playing Trumpet at Private & Corporate Events.

Greg Moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. One the very first day he auditioned at Grand Rapids Number One Radio Station, he was hired and on the air that night. Soon to be made the Weekday Mid-Day Radio Personality (10am-2pm), Greg's show out ranked all dayparts as The Number One Position in Grand Rapids. The competition called to hire Greg to their station. When Greg refussed to move, they called their friend in Chicago to hire Greg away from Grand Rapids. When Greg got the call from WBBM-FM/B96 in Chicago, he took the job and moved to over-nights in Chicago. Soon he started providing DJ Services and playing Trumpet at Private & Corporate Events.

Three years later, Greg was promoted to Production Director at WBBM-FM. While producing Radio Elements, Greg won Illinois Broadcasting Association's Siver Dome Awards for a number of years. Greg once won 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place awards when he entered 3 Radio Commercials which placing Greg Murray among the top Radio Producers in the State of Illinois, all while All while providing DJ Services and playing Trumpet at Private & Corporate Events.

While Producing Radio Ads, Greg taught College Student Interns from various colleges, Greg was asked to come teach at Columbia College in Chicago. He did for 2 years, then he was asked to come teach at Kennedy-King College, One of the 7 City Colleges of Chicago. He did and was soon asked to be the Program Director at WKKC-FM, The Offical Radio Station of Colleges of Chicago. Soon WKKC was named "Chicago's Most Popular College Music Radio", 4 years in a row. All while providing DJ Services and playing Trumpet at Private & Corporate Event.

While playing music at a wedding, Greg met a beautiful woman, whom he married 9 months later. Now 20 years later, Greg and his wife, Lauren, retired from Radio in February 2019, but still provides DJ Services, Voice-Over Work, Radio and Television Production and Audio/Video Editing in his home studio for Private & Corporate Events.

While enjoying a career in Radio, Greg met a few Big Name Celebs like: Greg@3YearsOld - Brian Middleton - John Legend - Weird Al Yankovich - Amaury Nolasco - Baby Bash - Bebe Winans - Bill Duke - Lil' Bow Wow - Brian McKnight - Carlos Mencia - Cherish - Common - Craig David - David Archuleta (American Idol) - Tim Schommer - Debelah Morgan - Debi Mazar - Enrique Iglesias - Frank Caliendo - Gabriel Union - Ginuwine - Gloria Gaynor - (Subway's) Jared Fogle - Jennifer Hudson - Rev. Jesse Jackson - Jet Li - Jennifer Lopez - Joe Soto - Judge Karen - Judge Marilyn Milan - Lenny Kravitz - Malcolm Jamal-Warner - Valerie Crooker (Miss Maine) - Mr. T - Mya - Mysikal - P!nk - Sara Bareilles - Scottie Pippen - Stevie Wonder - Stone Cold Steve Austin - Terry "Hulk" & Brooke Hogan - Terry "Hulk" Hogan - Usher - Will Smith - Estelle - Marcella Jones-Dennis Snipe-Al Greer - Lionel Richie - Bobby D - Todd Martin - Brian "Furious" Frazier - Eddie Money - Shanice - Rick Flair - Shakira - Jeff Owens - Brian Middleton, Roxanne Steele, Terry Foxx & Backstreet Boys - Harry "Bud" Nelson - Vince Murray
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